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Default Re: Recommend me Spanish Literature

I assume you're interested in Spanish literature, rather than literature in Spanish, right?
If such is the case, "a sangre y fuego", by Manuel Chavez Nogales, is probably the best book ever written about the Spanish Civil War. "La batalla de Madrid", by Jorge Martinez Reverte, is also very good, mostly focused on the long lasting battle of Madrid. Other recommendations: "Yo fui feliz en la guerra", by Chumy Chumez, "Una historia de la Guerra Civil que no va a gustar a nadie", by Juan Eslava Galan, and by foreign authors, obviously "for whom the bell tolls", by Hemingway, and "the assasination of Federico Garcia Lorca", by Ian Gibson.

As for the Spanish Empire, there are way too many. I haven't read any by Spanish authors, but you may want to check out "Empires of the Atlantic World", by J. Elliott, or the very famous "The Spanish Empire", by Hugh Thomas.

If you want Spanish literature recommendations outside of those two topics just let me know and I'll be happy to help
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