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Default Re: Official Super Bowl Game Thread - Baltimore vs. SF

Originally Posted by Kujo
I just watched the highlight of the play. The wasn't even in the same league imho. I don't recall the media making any big deal on that play. No wonder I couldn't remember it. Defender was just slightly pushing the receiver. It wasn't a blatant hold. If anything, it was barely pass interference.

You say that was incidental. I say it wasn't. It was an obvious hold imho. It should have been called.

The Baltimore defender blatantly held Crabtree. Not saying that play decided the game. Even if SF scores (if they do), Maybe Flacco leads them down the field for the game winning FG.

Regardless, the Ravens deserved to win.

It's the same thing, people just like to bitch and that play was weeks ago and this is now and acknowledging its the same thing means people can't whine. I'm sorry, it irks me the pat response to every game now by the loser is "we should have won" which is what you are doing when you point to a play. I'm missing the Niner outrage over the non contact running into the kicker too.

It reminds me of the COwboy game with Dez. There's a word for teams who fall behind huge and mount furious comebacks. Losers.
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