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Default Re: Scholar are you still around i needa ask you something

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
You are probably the marijjuana connoisseur of ISH so have you ever tried a strain called Fruity Pebbles. I heard from a friend smoking a quarter of it is like touching hands with Jesus. No, I don't smoke and don't plan to.

SPK, next time just PM me. I don't use ISH that often any more, but I did log on today just to see if there were any discussions of the Superbowl. You're lucky this thread was still on the first page, albeit being the last thread all the way at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, to answer your question, I've tried many strands of marijuana. After a while of smoking, you stop giving a shit about the names because some are similar to others but given different names simply because the grower decided to call it something else. I'm sure I've tried Fruity Pebbles, but again, the names don't mean much to me so I rarely give them any mind.

As for smoking a quarter and touching hands with Jesus, that just sounds like some little kid describing his little experience dwelling into the world of Mary Jane. Don't pay attention to silly descriptions. Marijuana is a plant that helps ease stress/calm nerves, brings a sense of serenity, pleasure and relaxation, and causes mass munchies; however, it's different for everyone. Whereas one individual feels relaxed after smoking, another might feel paranoid or delusional.

If you do try marijuana one day, make sure you're ready for it. I've seen first timers have terrible trips where they feel like their entire world has turned upside down. It's truly a sad sight to see.
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