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Default Re: Some more thoughts on getting Rudy Gay

Originally Posted by insidehoops
Now look at this deal from the Toronto angle: The Raptors are obliged to pay Gay $37 million over the next two seasons. That’s “great player,” money. Gay isn’t a great NBA player. Never has been, likely never will be. So why are did the Raptors do this?
-- Charlotte Observer

Say top 5 Shoorting forward all his career.... more or less...

Hmmm.... I wonder that the Charlotte Observer uses to define "great player" and great player money ???

I mean the Bobcats / Hornets have not had much going on since Larry Johnson (last century young guys).

Perhaps the Observer must use as a guage - the amount of money the alumini pay to UNC Tar Heel and Duke college players which on an after tax basis. This is probably as much as the Bobcats current roster.

I take critic of the deal - if informed - just not from the rah rah rag sheet of a semi pro NBA franchise owned by an ego maniac

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