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Default Re: Official Super Bowl Game Thread - Baltimore vs. SF

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
This one won't haunt me as much as last year did. I woke up today thinking ehh... no big deal. Give me two days and it'll be a distant memory of sorts.

Last year was a game that was bitter to the end, the fact that we made this one interesting is a minor miracle in itself. But the flatness of the first half was inexcusable. A truly great team does not go down 17 and then 22 no matter how miraculous their comebacks are.

I am not, however, one of those fans that says: "Oh we'll be back." I understand that something like this is never a given, and our defense took about 10 steps back in the last few games, there is a limited window to that defense's elite speed and shit just happens.

I fully agree with that. NFL is such a parity league and you never know the next time a team makes it that far because it's so hard. After Seattle's SB lost in 2005 I remember everyone saying Seattle will be back as they had alot of key players in their prime and alot of young playmakers on the their team.. There's countless examples of teams thinking they'll be back due to talent but soon realize it's not as easy as it looks.

As for the defense I think that's due to the change of philosophy of the team. With Smith we were a ball control/west coast offense that emphasized on efficiency, long drives, ball control, short-mid range passing game,etc. With Kaepernick we became a fast paced offense, an offense that scores quickly and gives back the ball to the opposing team and it opens up the game as well where the pace of the game is suddenly amped. Our offense did get better and more explosive but I think it took a toll on the defense though.
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