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Default Re: Should Raptors try to get Pau Gasol?

Yeah, and not only that... We all know what Gasol is capable of. He's having the worst statistical year of his career for a number of reasons. 2 new starters, new coach, new system, lack of post touches, lack of touches period, less playing time, being moved in and out of the starting lineup... just numerous reason. The last 2 games they inserted him into the starting lineup due to the DH injury and he's been a 20/10 game changer. He's still a great player, and I think their number 1 preference would be to keep him and hope that his play improves. But that if it doesn't work out whatever trade they make they wouldn't want to be taking back bad contracts and/or guys that wouldn't improve their team in the short term or long term. So I believe that now a Pau deal is truly off the table from their end even though i'm sure BC badly wants to get that done.
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