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Default Re: Kobe Bryant the playmaker

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Well he said subtly. I think he wants him to slowly go back to being 30 PPG 60% shooting Kobe. But in a way where he can have a balance.

I'll tell you what I think about Kobe. He's proven he can do anything. But never together. If there is a game when he is making shots, he refuses to pass. If he gets a few assists early, he never shoots. He needs to find a balance.

He needs to take it play by play, rather than "this whole game I will do this". Just take what the defense presents to you, and if that happens, they can't lose.

Yes, you are absolutely correct. I think it's because he can't or has trouble making shots unless he is in rhythm and he only gets in rhythm by shooting constantly, this is a clear weakness in his game, something I'm sure he'll be working on in the off season. I suspect we'll see Magic Bryant next season. 40-12-12
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