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Default Re: Roberts Rebellion

Originally Posted by dunksby
Don't wanna be prickly but give the Reach 20 units, not only that it's more accurate but that it lends more suspense to the game and adds extra incentive to secure their Lord's friendship in the game.
ETA: Are we going to have a team of players comprising each house? Like 2 players per house, so royal posts could be assigned to them hypothetically when Lords are plotting their alliance?

I'm gonna disagree with you about the 20 units. How does that balance the game out? I don't really want to have to deal with taking away from some places and then adding them elsewhere. Pretty much the same reason I disagree with the Crownsland idea.. but we can always tweak that later. I also don't think we need to draft players either, not even sure how that'd work. I think this game lends itself specifically to the people who know the universe and would know that The Westerlands has Cersei to marry off, The Reach doesn't even have anybody at this point to marry off.. but you could do a Tommen Margaery deal there.. The North could marry Benjen off etc...

All that said, I'm not, not going to do it but I think it needs more talking from those interested, commenting or lurking in this thread. I just don't know how specific and detailed we want this to be and how much works before it's too much.
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