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- Long time ago in Japan.....warriors perfected hand to hand combat....smaller men vs Bigger men could attack and win if they were able to fight while bieng in a dominant position on the ground....Judo andJiu Jitsu was a martial art that taught the ability to wrestle/throw your opponent to the ground and get in a top position.....also taught some arm locks....and joint manipulation.( even though Romans had the Gladiators...and wrestling....jiu Jitsu perfected those techniques)

- white man invents Firearms and Bombs......hand to hand combat is pretty much useless.....some still practice the Martial Arts...but not really needed in combat any more.

- in the early 1900's Japanese Judo expert goes to Brazil to Fight in a Vale Tudo ( anything goes Fight could fight any way you wanted except no biting....first man who quits or gets KO'd loses) spectacle..pretty much a carnival spectacle once or twice a year...

Little Japanese Man beats the carnivals strong man.....Japanese man teaches some Brazzillians ( Gracie Family ) how to Throw your opponent and break thier arms....

Skinny/Sickly Helio Gracie isn't really strong enough to wrestle his opponent...he always ends up on the he figures out a way to win from fighting off of your back...and it works really well....( Now we have Gracie Jiu Jitsu)

over 50 years pass and skinny Helio wins alt of Vale Tudo matches fighting his style of Jiu Jitsu....

Helios son Rorion wants to take his fathers Martial Art to America and show Americans that skinny guys can beat up bench pressing Muscle heads....or at least his style BJJ is the best Martial Art...

Rorion thinks up a Vale Tudo style spectacle.....Americans favorite Martial Boxing , Wrestling , Kung Fu,Kickboxing...and Karate.....vs his little brother Royce and thier family's BJJ style.

( I know someone said that teh Gracies fixed the fights so Royce could win.....Rorion made Royce fight style vs style....why put Royce vs another Submission grappler hen he had many other fighters who said that Boxing or wrestling was better)

Royce faught a Pro Boxer and won.....He faught a Division 1 wrestler who severly out weighed him and won...he faught Karate masters and won.....he faught Kung Fu masters and won....he faught Sumo wrestlers and won.....he faught Champion Kick boxers and won....

all while bieng the smallest fighter....his style proved to Americans...that hey...maybe size doesn't really is the motio...uhhgggg never mind. we have a sport that uses all areas of Fighting...not really one specific style anymore....

some Fights I recomend.....

- Gracie vs Dan Severn

- Rampage Jackson vs Carlos Arona

- Melvin Manhoef vs Cyborg Santos

- Chuck Lidell vs Allistair Overreem

- sakuraba vs rampage 1

( Anderson Silva vs Sonnen 1 was pretty sweet also)
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