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Default Re: Is Joe Flacco Top 4? ... OK, is Tony Romo Top 4?

My father own died of cancer back in 2003, but he was a real legit emcee, he ripped regular new school, and old school alike... and he raped their assholes a new world into space fly and space into some back to into future on some back to the future shit.

He was a pimp. He was my dad. God rest his soul. RIP. Ya'll can't fu*k with him. So F yall

... OK and I realize this thread was a weak as shit ... wut fook it, if your own mother was here, I'd shove her not own my own co(k in her poo-poo shoot, but a rusty pipe. Yeah, so you and your own older brother would become enraged and call on the Insidehoops police to get my name banned for a week.

You think I care? Do you think I really care when I get the sweet sensation of seeing your own mother laying there, laying in pure pleasure, puffing on a Newport smoke all in the air and telling me how me and my brother have tag-teamed her the best in her entire lifetime, two white boys better than the biggest, longest, street thuggish enough black negros and how she's handed me and her business cards for the "best black MILK in the south north east west ... all you gotta do is dial the rest" as her (Slogan) ... damn didnt know your moms was in on the action... but yo ... I guess any ho is a ho ... despite any color of their color ho skin... all that is matters is her **** was deeper than the pacific blue.

Shameful to be her GD son. You moronic SOB.


YEAH .... I wrote a lot... but considering the amount of information your momz was pounding on me and INSISTING me over and over again I not only mention HER as being the infamous son of such a piss poor ISH poster but to get her light in LOL whatever these ISH lights are (LOL, she thought this would be like some road to fame like Em's mom in some Cleaning Out My Closet" would be) gotta shake my head on my moronic shit by you who ever you may be meaning the common everyday poster who on this site has the mom the intelligent of a pinnacle on a good day.

Damn... you morons. I swear.

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