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Default Re: Is Joe Flacco Top 4? ... OK, is Tony Romo Top 4?

OK, just to keep shit 10% real I do not own all of you to that extent. I can't blame you all for having so much faith in the San Fran sophomore who was practically a rookie. If I were a 49ers fan, pretty sure I would have said the same... but we're talking about Flacco here. A pure WINNER. Why define or classify him as a winner?

LOL, should we even get into numbers? Nah, yeah, I thought so. I though the common everyday hater out there would roll their eyes, or whatever, but WE ALL KNOWN DAMN WELL that your common average everyday feared the Ravens. We know this. There's just absolutely no denying it.

... and after all this ... I just have to say it ... SUCK DICK ... meaning sick it to everyone who said the 49ers would lose. to those who said this or said that... fact is you got spanked so deal with it

I am just mad... so please you all... I am not upset with anyone in particular ... I just lose over a thousand large on the Ravens winning against the 49ers. When San Fan was making a come back I almost had a ***-back in my pants. I was just about to make a bad yet hot day to get shit straight and back on track ... but what I seee how left ... and my badass will be e[res

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