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Default Re: How I can be sold on this team....

Originally Posted by Da KO King
Amar'e Stoudemire is showing why Jeremy Lin ability to positively impact the Knicks was overstated. Lin does not understand spacing, tempo, etc. Lin understand "drive and shoot, or drive and pass". With Felton and Kidd directing the team Carmelo and Amar'e have worked fine together.
So what he didnt know. I dont get your point. A converted SG to PG that didnt have a lot experience. You cant be serious blaming Lin for them not working well together. You do realize these 3 didnt have much time on the floor together at the same time last year due to injuries. What about the time before Lin....

What does JKidd have to do with anything? Passes up open shots regularly letting the defense sag off on him most of the game until the 4th quarter...

Just want to know where you going with this....

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