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Default Re: Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
No it isn' are blinded by the media

sometimes it is up to the defense to make a stop...or a WR to make a great catch, or it is up to the RB to get that 1st down to lock it up...etc etc etc

This idea that it is "ALL" on the QB is the result of you not being able to see the big picture...
You highlighted half the quote to counter the point.

CLUTCH drives.. That's on the qb. A receiver may have a great catch here or there.. A running back might break one run off.. But mostly it comes down to he quarterback making the plays. There are certain qbs I genuinely FEAR in a close game with the ball in heir hands. Guys like Brady and Rodgers.. Eli when he isn't on an int streak.. A few more. Guys that win you games that could've gone either way. They have the ball and the decisions in their hands. They have the most control over the outcome of the game over any other player on the field and the truly great ones are coaches on top of being players.

I know watching McNabb for years and then Vick.. Both suck in the clutch and don't have that killer switch to turn on like we see brees Brady Rodgers do in tight games. The Eagles would have a few chips if they had a somewhat clutch q in the past decade.
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