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I am all for this type of trade.

He brings much needed size off the bench. Nazr is just wasting a roster spot now. Movgoz still has some talent and he could become a poorer mans Asik. Depending on this foot issue with Noah and his history with flair ups it becomes that much more important to acquire depth in the frontcourt.

I'm sorry but we don't need Rip's "experience" anymore. Our guys have made playoff runs and know how to win in the playoffs. The Conference Finals is the bar we have to pass now. Besides I like the Butler and Belinelli combo off the bench come playoff time. Or Heinrich, depending on who starts at SG. Marco can create his own shot and is a better 3point threat and we all know what Jimmy brings. So all in all, I'm all for it.

I even read Nick Friedell talk about a possible move for Fesenko as a big we could acquire. I'd be down for that too. I'm sure Thibs can get the most out of any young 7 footer.
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