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Default Re: Witcher 3 Announced for 2014! (likely to be on next gen consoles)

According to Game Informer the open world in The Witcher 3 is 30 times larger than the previous game, which will make it even bigger than Skyrim.

Free expansion packs will release after the launch of Wild Hunt next year, akin to The Witcher 2's continuous, free post-release support.

You have to love these guys. Every publisher in the world right now is trying to squeeze gamers for every penny. Numerous paid DLC's for every title (that usually are either terrible or straight up cut out of the game), pay-to-win is starting to become a trend, most games just offer a real questionable amount of content at a price point of sixty bucks.

Let's face it, the revenue on a decent selling game like The Witcher 2 runs well upwards of $100.000.000,-. They should be able to provide a good, complete package for that type of money. How come CD Projekt Red is virtually the only company in the business right now who is able to do this with success (besides Nintendo I guess)? Good for them.
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