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Default Re: quotes that piss u the fukk off

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
"money doesn't buy happiness"

complete and utter bullshit on many levels...from a child purchasing a .05 piece of gum to make him happy to a wealthy family who is on average much happier than a family in's bullshit no matter how you look at it.

maybe "money doesn't ALWAYS buy happiness" works...but usually it does, at least in the short term.

"money doesn't buy love"

this is closer to truth than the happiness one, but IMO it is also bullshit to a certain degree...Many women legitimately fall in love with men that they wouldn't have even bothered talking to if they were bums...and in that sense money certainly opened up the doors to love, or at least more opportunity for love.

Just remember, "Money can't buy happiness but no money can't buy sh!t".
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