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Default Re: So my views on religion have changed a tad bit...

Originally Posted by Balla_Status
You'd be surprised of how many "christians" there are at Texas A&M. Go to northgate on the weekend. Full of "christians."

There are a fair share of hardcore christians who spent their friday night/saturday nights playing ping pong at the church but a lot of them attend the hangover mass on sunday due to partying too much. It was always fun driving to eat on sunday monday and passing the church and looking at all the well dressed folk going to attend.

Like I said before, don't join one of these bogus groups where it's only for a select group of people who share the same views. Join a group that will allow you to meet different kinds of people, like an activity/sports group.

Sucks you're not staying in a dorm though.

Yeah, I certainly will look into clubs that I would rather be in. I've also noticed the "Christian" population around here as well. I don't really care if someone's religious or not, but if they wear their preference on their sleeve for everything, it's hard to be around.
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