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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by Grinder
I think it'll be a tough game. Honduras is no joke and they're coming off an 8-1 thrashing of Canada. They're probably the third best team in the region and have an incredibly athletic squad. The game is taking place in the most violent city in the world (San Pedro Sulia) and they declared a national holiday so they'll have a packed crowd and the game is at 4PM so that the conditions will be extremely hot and humid and we have guys that have had only two days with the team. All these things considered, I'll be satisfied with a draw and ecstatic with a win.

I hope Jozy starts as well but Gomez has been consistently better with the national team so if we play a lone striker, it'll probably be Herc. The lack of width and wingers concerns me but this is the lineup I think we'll see:

Chandler - Cameron - Bocanegra - Johnson

I kind of want to see Besler or Gonzalez get the start instead of Boca but I doubt JK will do it for a tough road game.
I just hope JK doesn't expect Honduras to bunker at home. I predict them to be more on the defensive side but not at the level where you would declare they're bunkering. If anything they will be deadly in the counter attack and if they do score it will be from that (Or some shit pass in midfield that leads to a goal). Also when will Bradly get to be the damn Captain, I think it's time for Boca to pass the torch Also speaking of Honduras hostile terf :
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