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Default Re: Native American Confronts Protesters on Illegal Immigration

Originally Posted by MMM
I can't see this video currently so I can't compare but I just met a native person for the first time about a year ago. He is actually part native/German, I worked with him for over 10 months and he seemed like a really interesting guy. Politically he seemed to hate eveyone equally and he would jump from the extreme right to left in a blink of an eye, although it seemed like he would be trolling me at times just to get a reaction, lol

Main reason why I was is because I work and interact with natives every day. I can tell you that they a lot of them work hard and treat people with respect. They work hard too. Sure, they mess with me for being white and I give it to 'em right back about being native but it's all good fun. The only ones that feel like the dude in the video are the drunk ones with no job roaming the street.

I feel like a lot of people (and it seems evident in this thread) that natives are these people with resentment towards white folk and like the dude in the video.

They do it big on thanksgiving as well. One I work with even invited me over.

They are some shitty people out there that give 'em hell. One dude I work with blatantly told me for awhile he was racist towards white people because a bunch of white guys beat up his mother and stole all her navajo jewelry. Of course he's no longer like that but you get what I mean. Shitty people exist everywhere.
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