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Originally Posted by Burgz V2
unless he can find one thing he can do extremely well he will have a tough time in the league. The NBA is littered with 4s who can do a little bit of everything, he needs to show he can stand out in one aspect if he ends up being a 2nd round pick so that he can stick with a team.

if he can be a guy who can make shots from 10-15 feet consistently he will definitely carve out a niche for himself.

Yeah I agree I'm suprised to see hes not on any of the NBAdraftnet draft boards, hes better than alot of guys on the 2013 one thats for sure. I think if like you say he can get that 10-15 footer he can be a banger and solid post player who draws fouls in the NBA on top of that, hes a pretty solid 2nd round pick.
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