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Default Re: Other european leagues

Originally Posted by Euroleague
What other guards? Only Teodosic is any good.

Not true :

Markovic is great defender and is very good passer ( has the most assists in Eurocup history ) if healthy he will be our second pg withuot a doubt .

Micov is playing very good in CSKA so he is probably going to be our first sg .

Milosavljevic is great defensive player ( he played great defense on Navarro this season and still had 14 on 100% shooting ) and a rebounder ( for a sg ) , can hit an open shoot . He is a energy guy who will probably be our 2nd or 3rd sg .

They all had very good seasons so far and deserv to be invited but there is still a room for one more and it will probably be Nedovic , Tripkovic , Tepic or Rasic , I would like Tripkovic to be in the first 12 because we will need his shooting but it's hard to tell who will Duda choose .

Sg is weakest position on our NT but I hope Teodosic will find them good positions to score from so I'm not that worried .
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