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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by MTing
...Anyway, went to the game tonight. I was literally surrounded by Laker fans. It was a tough night hearing them chant MVP and wetting themselves on that Kobe dunk...
oh man.

if there's any consolation against the ever-present obnoxious lakers fans, maybe it's knowing what a jackass jim buss is and how much kobe has been allowed to run (and ruin) that org with his psychotic personality. a perfect combination guaranteeing no championships for the lakers for a while.

i keep following the nets because... hmm... i guess because they're an interesting story and a familiar habit and because jason kidd finally got his championship. so mission accomplished. i live and die way more with my favorite MMA fighters and tennis players than i do with anyone in basketball at this point. there's too much greed and stupidity in the NBA for me to stress on it too much. plus, i don't play basketball anymore, so my interest has naturally dropped.

i said from the beginning of the season that this team had deep flaws in the way it was constructed, and d-will has been revealed as even less of a leader than i ever realised. no wonder they're a weak threat against the better teams. changing the coach is not going to change their ceiling that much. IMO we just gotta enjoy the ride for what it is and be patient. (you're used to being patient with the nets, right?)

prokhy is the single biggest reason the nets are the way they are, so if he IS tearing his hair out, i hope he's doing it in front of one his $100,000 florentine mirrors.
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