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Default Re: Obama Administration's dangerous memo on drones released

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
First of all, Im not exaggerating... If you can find an exaggeration? point it out

secondly I dont need protection from due process... Like I said already, the government isnt protecting me by taking away American's right to a fair trial..

Thats treason.. plain and simple

None of this justifies a law that takes away due process and puts that decision in the hands of the president.

since he was 'Bin Laden of the internet' ? tell me, what crimes did he commit?

none of that justifies this law

You dont get to execute Americans based on what a saudi new station says..

Again godzuki... The government isnt protecting me from terrorists by taking away my right to a fair trial...

Please tell me how you think this law actually helps americans?

you dont get it...

this is about your right to a fair trial... If you dont value that? then I dont have time to waste here..

Only a fool gives away all his freedom in return for protection... And this is protection we dont want or need...

you dont need to violate one of the MAIN (the right to a trial and a lawyer) tenets of the constitution in order to protect the public..

like I said, only a fool would do that..

big difference between us here from what it looks like is you all are much more paranoid of our government than i am. the way i see it is Awlaki was taken out as part of a war on terror, is a very rare incident that isn't really applicable to most Americans because most Americans don't associate themselves with known terrorists or attempts to recruit radical islamists, therefore i have no fears whatsoever that they will be coming to take me out anytime soon. i'm fine with our government doing what it takes to keep us safe, and realize war or any of the stuff our special ops, CIA, or drones do overseas aren't always going to be politically correct or lawful, and i'm fine with that. i think there is a huge difference in perspective from those at home in America who want all of our soldiers and operatives to play nice and politically correct vs the reality of what they're dealing with over there based on limited info to even get an opportunity. the idea we MUST take him alive to face trial because he's American is just ridiculous to me. as far as i'm concerned even being over there associating with/around terrorists makes him obviously guilty.

and you are exaggerating his innocence, just like you didn't mention any of the stuff i cited from his wiki. you're trying your best to portray him as some innocent we wrongly killed when thats not true, and you have a whole lot less proof than whats known about him to characterize him as innocent of recruiting and associating with anti American terrorist organizations than him being guilty of that. i don't think our government would go to anywhere near those lengths if there wasn't definitive proof, and its pretty obvious if you factor in where he was and who he was guarded by at the time of his assassination.

i'll get a fair trial and so will most Americans unless you're in/around associating with known terrorists and important enough that our government deems a target. to act like there isn't a difference between him and the circumstances that led to his assassination that he put himself vs most Americans is just being disingenuous. i have 0 fear of not getting a fair trial, Awlaki not getting one is irrelevant to that for most Americans but i guess its a good paranoia ploy to scare everyone into thinking their rights will soon be taken away. i guess...

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