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Default Re: North Korea posts a video of there missle destroying NYC

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
Even under test situations we haven't achieved a 95% success rate. The giant issue has always been decoys which I don't think has been tested. To fire 20 nukes you might launch 60 missiles. These decoy missiles might also release debris, this has been talked about for 20 years or more. If you think of the nuke as a bullet, think of the decoys as shot gun shells. They could release a whole bunch of debris. Now there is hundreds, perhaps thousdands of objects moving very quickly through space and our systems would not only have to figure out which is the real target, but now we have to hit the target and not any of the decoys and we only have a couple of minutes to figure all this out.
And N Korea is at a point that they are using a decoy system to go along with their nukes?
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