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Default Re: How I can be sold on this team....

Originally Posted by Da KO King
It's about the idea that Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony could not function together. So many people ignored the obvious when it came to the Knicks PG play last season. The Knicks PG play stunk. If you want to say Lin is learning to be a PG that is fine. Doesn't change the fact that the biggest problem last year was the lack of a lead guard who understands how to keep the team operating correctly.
KO, with all due respect, I dont comment on Lin much at all, he's gone, gave the team a few sweet moments, but my focus isn't on that.

The key to Amare working with Melo and Chandler was all on Amare.

Health first, expanded skill set second.

Amare is able to perform at his level now because of these two factors.

I'm not making the pg situation a non facotr, but keep in mind Amare's performance since Melo has been here has been done WITHOUT a pg as well as with one.

Amare was killing Boston in game one and that was not because of Billups.

Amare was very efficient against Miami in that one win with one hand and we had no point guard.

Amare has been performing well even prior to Felton getting back.

At this point, the only frontcourt player that is pg dependant is Chandler.

Amare has reached a level that his getting more complete, dude can actually pass out of the post now.
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