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Default Re: Obama Administration's dangerous memo on drones released

Originally Posted by Stempel, HERB
KevinNYC is prepping a 5 paragraph response showing how terribly misinformed you are.

Um, why would it take 5 paragraphs? It's simple: read Obama's Nobel speech, and then come back and tell me what's objectional with it or what's hypocritical about it.

I'm not sure exactly Rufus's issue is with it, but I think some people's issue with it is a superficial understanding about Pacifism (Or that Obama somehow campaigned for the award.) Obama's not a pacifist and the Nobel Committee knew that; it was pretty clear from his presidential campaign he was going to continue waging war. It's also seems to be ignorant of the fact that the Peace prize has gone to combatants previously. Either way, Obama spent the speech discussing how the use of force can be used to advance peace and exploring the requirements and contradictions involved in trying to wage a just war.

Originally Posted by Stempel, HERB
There will be a slight delay as he wraps up his loser leaves ish duel with milwad.
Didn't me in my Macho Man costume not settle that definitively?

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