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Default Re: Obama Administration's dangerous memo on drones released

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
I'm not sure exactly Rufus's issue is with it

I don't give a shit what Mr. Peace said in his speech. The Nobel committee is a joke when it comes to that prize anyway. Obama won it because he isn't W. Nice. Good for him. As for my objections with drone warfare I've always had objections to using drones or any kind of surgical strike that could kill innocent civilians in a country upon which we have not declared war. It only stands to reason that I am dead set against using them on US citizens.

Obama is a cold-hearted baby killer but now it's not just little brown babies with unpronounceable names he's coming after. It turns out wrapping up in the constitution will not stop a drone warhead. Of course this is outrageous hyperbole, but you get my point
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