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Default Re: Native American Confronts Protesters on Illegal Immigration

Originally Posted by MJ23forever
Google Kennewick Man and The Buhl Cave Woman. There are a few others as well. These were White people in North American some 10,000 years ago and beyond.
Furthermore, Powell said that dental analysis showed the skull had a 94 percent chance of being a Sundadont group like the Ainu and Polynesians and only a 48 percent chance of being a Sinodont group like that of North Asia.[12] Powell said analysis of the skull showed it to be "unlike American Indians and Europeans".[12] Powell concluded that Kennewick man "is clearly not a Caucasoid unless Ainu and Polynesians are considered Caucasoid."[13]

So polynesians are now white? Come on dude, real scientists now white people where not in the Americas before the Native Americans, stop trying to twist it.

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