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Default Re: U.S. Postal Service to stop Saturday mail deliveries

Originally Posted by usa hoops
So none of you think think the use of e-mail has anything to do with the lack of postal revenue?

It's easy to blame political ideology for it, but what about the fact that most of us no longer send our bills through the mail?
Its not entirely just email though, when you explicitly say we're going to make up for it by delivering letters faster, you've already ****ed up. They should have been striving to make their business run faster and more efficiently. Which obviously they believe they're capable of. I've lost one package in the last six months, and had another get delivered to a different address halfway across the state luckily the family there was nice enough to send it along my way.

There's a reason why ups and FedEx aren't struggling, not only are their packaging rates cheaper, theyre faster.ive used amazon prime since its inception and never had a package get lost, or delivered to the wrong place.
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