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Default Re: North Korea posts a video of there missle destroying NYC

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
And N Korea is at a point that they are using a decoy system to go along with their nukes?

I have no idea about the capabilities of North Korea and I don't think this video means shit. I am much more prone to believe there are experiencing famine and cannibalism that I believe they can reach the U S with a nuke. I was thinking more about the Soviets and China.

But the point is, the strategy of using debris or decoys to defeat a ballistic-missile defense system has been known for many, many years. It was a big part of the debate back in the 80's. The missile defense world calls these countermeasures. The whole world knows we have been working on missile defense, so it seems to me that anyone who is trying to develop a way of actually hitting the US would develop countermeasure to defeat the missile system. Because the ways to defeat the missile defense are soooooo much cheaper than the missile. The Warhead on an ICBM is quite ruggedly built even before you get to the atomic part of it. It his built to withstand reentry into the atmosphere. The countermeasures just have fool or delay the radar arrays that all missile defense systems would rely on. I think the first time I heard about them, some scientist was saying if you had a missile that would just release a whole bunch of aluminum pellets, the radars at the time had no way of distinguishing that from the real missile.

The number of interceptor missiles we would have to build to defeat the counter measures....basically we would be taking many, many shots to find the nuke, would mean our system would have an extremely high cost.
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