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Default A friend of mine is seriously thinking of going to Russia to bring a wife.

So, my friend who's 34, makes a nice living and is not a bad looking dude is thinking of going to Russia to meet up with a Russian girl he met on one of those sites where Russian girls are looking for foriegners to hook up with. He's barely going to interact in person with her but I think he's already thinking of her in serious terms. I think he's nuts and I've told him so. He says you can get girls who if they were Americans, they'd be high mantinance hot chicks who would'nt give us average looking dudes the time of day. He also says that they are more traditional family oriented women than American broads. In my opinion, aren't these chicks just looking for a green card? Do any of you guys know of anyone who's brought a mail order wife to the US?

I just think he's setting himself up for a heartbreak, but what do I know. The girl is HOT, he sent me a link of the girl, he doesn't know I'm sharing the pics with you guys, he hates basketball (well, all sports to be honest) so he'll never find out

Would you guys go for it?

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