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Default Re: quotes that piss u the fukk off

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
I agree for the most part. There are always exceptions. I have a few trust fund friends that have never had to worry about money their entire lives and they aren't happy at all. Also people who are obsessed with money to the point that all other things in life come second are often unhappy and unfulfilled.
Originally Posted by goldenryan
Most people who make 70k or more enjoy the responsibility of their job. I never had a job I both loved and made great money at so I can't say from experience but from co-workers I can see the stressfulness of making 30k a year with a family to support while also having no job security. I would argue that it is human nature to want to be productive and have a purpose regardless of how much you have in the bank. There is a curtain pride that comes with knowing you have earned what you have. Even after you feed your dog, he still wants to go outside and hunt.

yes, I bet if there was a legit study between the happiness of trust fund baby millionaires and self-made millionaires that the self-mades would score much higher on the happiness chart. I would bet anything.

Also, if I had to bet on who was happier between the average 70k individual and the average "self-made" millionaire...I am taking the millionaire...that gap might be smaller though

to my knowledge these studies don't exist though...

It is somewhat understandable that a trust fund baby could be unhappy because they don't respect money or anything that they have, they have never really had the great and satisfying feeling of working hard for something and earning it...When I was able to purchase my first condo I had that feeling "yes, I made it!..ALL THIS HARD WORK PAID OFF!!!" a trust fund baby my condo is a shack and they will never have that feeling of satisfaction that I got from that.
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