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Default Re: 3 Point Shooting

Originally Posted by ZenMaster
I don't like this advice, most players point their feet a bit to the side when shooting.
Yeah, I recall you and I discussing this before in this thread:

Once again, I do not believe most shooters intentionally point both of their feet to the side prior to shooting. In fact, I believe just the opposite - that if the majority of elite shooters were asked how they'd ideally like their feet positioned, they'd say pointed at their target. I believe it's possible to be a good shooter with crooked feet and I think players have proven time and time again there's 1,000 different ways to be a successful shooter (Shawn Marion?!) but I still would not think to ever instruct a player to purposely bend one's base away from a target.

I just can't imagine seeing one of my players having this form...

...and purposely trying to steer them in a different direction.

In the end, I suppose it'll be up to individual shooters to decide what works best for them. As always, I respect your shooting strategy and I truly believe it can be effective. It is just not something I personally teach for reasons I have previously mentioned at length.

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