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Default Re: Other european leagues

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Milosavljevic, Tepic, Tripkovic, Markovic all suck. Sorry, just being honest. Unless Serbia gets some better guards than that they won't win anything.

Micov is really a SF to me, but with Keselj you can use him as a 2. Rasic is a very good player when he's healthy, but he's had a bunch of injury problems and I don't think he's very effective for a longtime now.

Tepic...........I don't even know what to say really. He just sucks. He has all kinds of talent, yet he just sucks.

PG Teodosic/
SG Micov/Nedovic

I still see the need for another guard. Rasic, Tripkovic, Milosavljevic, Markovic - none of those guys are going to cut it anymore. Not considering Serbia wants to win medals.

Not saying Duvjnak is the answer or anything. I'm just saying they still need another guard. Especially considering that Nedovic is really not ready for the top level yet.
So starting pg for Valencia sucks ? I know he isn't great but he is good for 10-15 minutes . Milosavljevic improved this season and is 2nd best player on Partizan and if he makes the NT he would have the same role as Paunic had . We played great in 2009 and 2010 so we have players who can win a medal but our problems started when Velickovic got injured after that others got injured as well and we started playing very bad . Speaking of Velickovic he is healthy now and will play for Mega Vizura against Partizan tommorow , he will play for Mega only couple of games and than will sign with some EL team .

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