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Originally Posted by gigantes
as much as i ragged on AO the last few days, that dude has been knocked out ten times now and is STILL amusing and well-spoken in interviews. he's the exception to the rule (so far) and does not have a glass jaw IMO. nobody in the world can take clean shots from bigfoot and last very long, and AO might have taken twice as many as most, right there.

If you look at Reem, the majoirty of his knockouts are due to conditioning, in Shogun x2, Nog x2, Chuck and a couple others he was winning all those fights and taking some good shots than as soon as his cardio went he was done and as well like you said hes taken some shots e.g Shogun leap into the guard punch and Bigfoot combo which no one could take. His chin is not the problem its his cardio always has been. If you have a crap chin you don't get up from being knocked down two times by Badr Hari. So I agree with you on that point

i can't remember seeing a knockout victim straining for breath like that before. man, that was disturbing. it was like watching all his higher brain function shut down and the most primitive parts (that probably go back to fish or amphibians) struggling to keep operating

Something similar to that KO was the one when if you remember Matt Riddle KOing that BJJ guy with no stand up at the TUF try outs and the guy kept moaning hell hard that was gross.
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