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Default Re: -StroShow's Daily Poster Thread 2012/13 (BEAN!)-

I like DeAndre's offerings last night:

Contrary to a lot of folk, I'm actually quite alright with the "toss" dunks when they're due to necessity. By that I mean, I do not like when players are wide open and at the rim and still opt to softly drop, or poke and quickly pull their hands away (Carmelo Anthony). However, in the situations where a player is far away from the rim, is met with resistance, and is still able to throw it through the hoop despite their extended distance from the basket, I like those a lot. They seem to maintain authority and truly, the only thing missing is fingers hitting the rim. Shots from that far away used to always be jump hooks or double clutches. Now people are throwing them down, and it's pretty cool.
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