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Default Re: 3 Point Shooting

Originally Posted by Jyap9675
I'm with you on this one, most of the time if right foot is pointing to the side it means that your shooting shoulder is aligned to the basket. It's called the open stance, but obviously everybody has different shooting strategies.
I'm alright with the right foot crooking a little bit in the manner you mentioned, I just don't like the idea of telling my players to purposely tilt both feet away from the hoop. What usually happens, when I teach players to square their feet and bodies, is they'll try to square their feet and subsequently their body squares, and sometimes the right foot will turn a little by happenstance. But by then, what we need (squared body and shoulders) is already accomplished, so I'm okay with it. Having students twist both feet to begin with though, only seems to complicate the squaring process in my experience.
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