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Default Re: 3 Point Shooting

Originally Posted by GoSpursGo1984
Thanks for all the advice. One problem I have is being left handed I try to put my left foot forward and just shooting around I can do it all the time but in a game my footwork gets messed up because I hurry.

the first step in shooting is balance. shooting is done from the ground up. without having balance first your shooting is doomed to fail.

don't try to consciously fix yourself to a way to plant your feet. Find what is most comfortable and stick to it. chances are the reason your footwork gets messed up is because a) you are not comfortable and b) you are off balance.

try the BEEF technique, its a good quick-check system a lot of NBA players use after they shoot to try and see where they went wrong or right.

Balance, feet comfortably set. There is no set way to do this, it depends on what is most comfortable.

Elbow, L shape maintained from the second you decide to shoot until you proceed with your shooting motion.

Eye, when you follow through your shooting elbow should never drop below your eye level. this will ensure your shot is not flat while also making sure you have a high enough release to not get blocked.

Follow through, imagine you wrist like an elastic band, when you shoot it should snap forward.

also, if you rush your shot it probably means you haven't prepared yourself well enough to shoot. great shooters are the not just the ones with great forms, they are almost always the ones who are always ready to shoot.

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