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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by andremiller07
If you look at Reem, the majoirty of his knockouts are due to conditioning, in Shogun x2, Nog x2, Chuck and a couple others he was winning all those fights and taking some good shots than as soon as his cardio went he was done and as well like you said hes taken some shots e.g Shogun leap into the guard punch and Bigfoot combo which no one could take. His chin is not the problem its his cardio always has been. If you have a crap chin you don't get up from being knocked down two times by Badr Hari. So I agree with you on that point
yea, that's his rep and storyline of most of his losses (from what i've seen)... but i thought he didn't gas terribly hard this fight. being mostly off the juice this fight, he was visibly less cut and even slightly flabby around his torso. which actually probably helped him last longer. muscle tissue being an energy burner and fat being a fuel, after all.

honestly, does he really need all that muscle? he's still super-strong as is and should avoid bringing down the ceiling on his cardio at all costs, i would think.

jack slack did a nice breakdown of why the reem lost, if you haven't seen it. looks like jackass was right:

Something similar to that KO was the one when if you remember Matt Riddle KOing that BJJ guy with no stand up at the TUF try outs and the guy kept moaning hell hard that was gross.
that's rude. and no, i didn't see it. i tend to read a handful of MMA sites every single day but pick my spots to watch. maybe because i'm from a family of doctors or something, but it's pretty much impossible for me to sit through a full card or watch as often as most, even though i do love the sport. but i don't want to see video of shogun, edgar, etc in 10+ years when they're starting to go junior seau and stuff.
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