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Default Re: Atheists - Randomness is just a way to quantify lack of knowledge

The notion that someone's trip to hell is partially dependent on whether or not they believe in this so-called benevolent, forgiving and loving entity is absurd.

There have been many different versions of "God" throughout the years that collide with one another, so this already proves humankind's propensity to invent a story about our origin.

A benevolent, forgiving and loving entity would punish you for having some doubts and/or confusion about which religion to blindly follow when it's been proven that some of them HAVE to be fabricated lies? Not making the decision to cling to whatever code of belief because of what simply "sounds good and true"?

So our eternal fates are essentially a game of choosing the right door this floating man in the sky is hiding behind?

how can anyone have faith in this nonsense?

If there is a god, it's Thomas Jefferson's god. A god that rewards you for using your reason and critical thinking skills you were endowed with.
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