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Default Re: Other european leagues

Originally Posted by Euroleague
I know, but Serbia wants medals, not just good showings. You guys caught teams by surprise those first couple of years. Not anymore though. So I still think you need a better guard than Markovic to help Teodosic.

I'm not sure Nedovic is the answer for that PG role. I see him more like a SG.

Greece also wants medals and Calathes isn't better than Markovic .

In 2009 probably but in 2010 it wasn't a surprise because that team was 2nd in Europe and had Teodosic who was MVP of EL othere teams knew they should underrate tham . After that first Velickovic got injured and during the Eurobasket Rasic and Tepic ( Teodosic was also injured but he played dispite that ) got injured too so that was one of the reasons for bad play . In qualifications we had a lot of injured players ( Micov , Markovic , Lucic , Velickovic , Perovic and Krstic who missed 3 or 4 games ) but still it isn't excuse for such a bad play .

Nedovic is a pg to me because he played very bad last season when Pesic moved him to sg . I wouldn't call him to play for NT because only thing he knows is to penetrate but he needs the ball in his hands for that and he won't get it because he still isn't that good of a scorer to get the ball more than players like Teodosic , Bjelica , Krstic etc.

Is it true that Spanoulis won't play in the Eurobasket ? I heard that Navarro , Gasol , Kirilenko , Parker , Dirk so it looks like compatition is going to be weaker than last year .
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