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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
KLN, it's cool that you vent in here and all, but i do kind of wish that you wouldn't be so shitty towards other teams in the NBA forums. mainly because it tends to reinforce nets fans as less than tolerant.

anyway, whatever. just an observation. i've seen you start plenty of real good topics at the same time, so whatever.

Not really, I dont normally attack opposing teams. There are a few exceptions, and they cant be helped. The Knicks are one example, but what else do you expect from a Nets fan to say about the Knicks? I mean, its the Knicks. XD

For the Lakers, I hate how their fans talk shit about us when they landed Howard in summer and we did not. They acted like the sky is falling for the Nets and the Lakers are cruising to champs, but now we see what a scrub team they are.
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