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Default Re: Who will be the best QB 5 years from now?

Originally Posted by imdaman99
prob rodgers. dude makes football look so easy. as long as his line protects him, he can make james jones look like a great WR (by getting him the ball in perfect spots). we saw what happens when his line can't protect him.

actually ive re-watched the giants-packers game last year playoffs a few times... his line had good protection, he just couldn't find anyone open. for a barely above average secondary, they did a great job covering the receivers

regardless, its rodgers over the hybrid running QBs... because these running QBs will get too many concussions. until they become pocket passers and use their mobility (to escape pressure, not take flight for rushes everytime there is pressure), its rodgers.

i love elY... lol at that spelling. id take him as my QB in any big game. but he usually only does great in big games.

Rodgers is actually a great QB under pressure. In his earlier years he had a terrible o-line and did a great job with them.
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