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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by DKLaker
What is true in the office has nothing to do with the world of sports, absolutely nothing.
I can't even tell you how many teams hated each other yet still won championships. There is a saying.......nice guys finish last.
You can't be afraid to be an asshole in order to win, it is the type of mindset that is needed in competitive sports. Even DFish and Magic would rip a guy's heart to shreds if he wasn't giving 100%, and they are two of the nicest guys ever.
Competitive sports are won by ruthless competitors with a killer instinct.....niceness is for after the game is over.

Guys who are soft get even softer if you coddle them, it doesn't help them compete. Softies need a cattle prod or kick in the @ss to get them going.
Ideally you would have a coach who would handle the toughness, demands and yelling......when you don't then a player like Kobe has to fill that role.
With my teams, I do all the yelling that is necessary and don't allow my players to do anything but encourage each other, however captains have some leeway.

Fair enough, what is on the court is on the court, and niceness is for after. I concur. Yeah back in the day those "sensitive" guys could never really develop. Kwame Brown I think being the prime example. They tried to nurture and breast feed this guy until he became too content with himself. He coulda been something, or perhaps Jordan was just an idiot for drafting him...
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