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Default Re: Does everyone agree that we're on a timeline of infinity?

Originally Posted by gigantes
from my layman's meanderings in astronomy and astrophysics, time is a dimension that cannot exist without the three physical dimensions as substance to act upon. do you grok?

and if a big bang occurred, time and space ballooned out right with the expansion. there was no 'empty space' and 'never-ending clock' just waiting to be used.

so "time and infinity" and "always" are meaningless terms in the larger sense. although from our ordinary position, they certainly make much sense. beyond that? meaningless, apparently.

do you hear me, major tom?
You're assuming that there was at one point absolutely nothing. So basically when there was no physical matter(or even empty space) there was also no such thing as time. Right?

Correct me if im wrong but the Big bang theory doesn't state that it created matter, but that it is the reason for its expansion. Did the Big bang create matter or did matter create the Big bang(according to the theory)? Can matter exist without space?

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