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Default Re: Bill Allowing Armed Teachers Clears Oklahoma Panel

Originally Posted by miller-time
It is the governments responsibility to protect its people. That is the whole point of a government.

I hope I am wrong, but how long until the headline "Teacher shoots student after meltdown" appears?

The current government cannot stop school shootings. We accept as a nation that it is important to protect ourselves with a strong military and capable police force. So, in situations such as school shootings, where the military or police force cannot protect you, it is the responsibility of the individual to protect oneself and one's family.

If teacher is a trained gun user then I don't see the problem. Don't you trust a teacher, a government employee,with the incredibly important task of educating your children? Do you not trust teachers with your children for 8 hours a day 5 days at week?

How could it be a negative to have a willing and trained teacher to have an unloaded gun in a locked safe in the classroom in case of an shooter situation? Would you be scared if there was a security officer or police officer with a gun in a school?

Sane, intelligent and trained citizens, teachers included, should be trusted with guns.
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