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Default Re: [RUMOR]: Al Jefferson to Spurs?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Al Jefferson is perfect for the Spurs. I love him, but he's as simple as his stats. He gives you what his numbers say, for the most part. The Spurs could actually use what he brings tho. He'd be a great POWER FORWARD to play next to the CENTER, Tim Duncan.

Jefferson is a PF, period. That's where he's best. Tim Duncan is -at least now- a center, period. Make Al your defensive guy in the paint and see how it works for you.

And it's great because Jefferson will play PF and Duncan will continue to pay C and people can pretend it's the other way around, for whatever reason.

So who's going to defend the pick 'n roll? Duncan? Not at his age. Jefferson's too slow to for that as well. Splitter's one of best bigs in the league at the defending pnr while Duncan's been defending the basket. Advanced stats say that combo has been crazy effective so far. If Duncan's injury was serious, this would have been an acceptable trade but, as is, Jefferson and Duncan would be a bad fit defensively. I do like that tandem from an offensive standpoint though.
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