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Default Re: Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Thread

Klinsmann has stop dicking around and choose a proper team.

Organize that backline. Don't call up Bocanegra again, even on the bench. Howard is your Captain. Bocanegra is not near good enough and was never very good to begin with. You got a bunch of decent fullbacks...if Cherundolo can walk, pick him as your RB and move Chandler to the left. Get guys out there who push themselves in leagues that count. Do it before you waste one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Get Stuart Holden ready to go and have him work as your main playmaker, because he's got that kind of skill. Brek Shea, gotta play. Get him in there. And don't ever use Eddie Johnson in anything but a striker role...not that he should start with Altidore.

Donovan...tell him to never go back to MLS. Hell, man up and go to Spain. Play some ball. Otherwise, don't play anymore. You've wasted almost all of your career. Make the most out of what's left. Do it.
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