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Default Re: Bill Allowing Armed Teachers Clears Oklahoma Panel

Originally Posted by TheGreatDeraj
Do you not trust teachers with your children for 8 hours a day 5 days at week?

How could it be a negative to have a willing and trained teacher to have an unloaded gun in a locked safe in the classroom in case of an shooter situation? Would you be scared if there was a security officer or police officer with a gun in a school?

Sane, intelligent and trained citizens, teachers included, should be trusted with guns.

How many teachers rape/statutory rape, molest, beat, and emotionally scar children?

Government employees? A cop is a government employee, and there is a former cop/military man going on a killing spree in California right now.

A teacher has just as much of an opportunity to lose their shit as any other person in the world.

If a gun is unloaded and in a safe, how are they going to get to it in a moment of panic? Are the safes voice activated? Fingerprint? Keypad? Combination lock? Pad lock? If the guns are all in one gun safe, how would the teachers get to them during an attack? If the gun is on the teacher, what if a kid stole it.

Sane people that would never hurt someone should be allowed to have guns, but you can't tell who's sane. Anybody can beat a test.
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