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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Fair enough, what is on the court is on the court, and niceness is for after. I concur. Yeah back in the day those "sensitive" guys could never really develop. Kwame Brown I think being the prime example. They tried to nurture and breast feed this guy until he became too content with himself. He coulda been something, or perhaps Jordan was just an idiot for drafting him...

I think the Lakers did great interms of getting the most out of Kwame which is positional inside defense. He was overhyped in the first place, having small hands and limited moves. He was traumatized by MJ and Collins and he was able play very good defense against the bigs when he played here.
Him at center and Smush at PG=playoffs (7th spot)
as compared to Dwight and Nash respectively at ?? spot.
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